D.W. Doucet

Born in eastern Canada.. D.W. spent his summers in Cape Breton Island surrounded by the Atlantic ocean. D.W. encapsulates his music by the natural environments of the seas, forests, and hills in which his debut record "As I Roam Across A Dark Blue Night" is largely inspired by.

Mainly a punk rock musician throughout his early teens, D.W. found his inspiration for folk and blues music through first listening to Tom Waits while traveling through Death Valley with his father.

Eventually finding comfort in playing as a one man band. D.W. found some chains on the side of the road which he wraps around his left foot to stomp. An old 1950's racing stripe suitcase, and an anvil made from a railroad track.. His music is from the heart of ghost towns, howling trains, and seeking peace and redemption by the riverside.